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State Cup Volunteers May 23rd - 25th


State Cup Volunteers  May 23rd - 25th

Check-In   Time Duty Volunteer 
Saturday (5/23) x 6-8am Check-in  Bob Drake
Saturday (5/23) x 8-10am Check-in  Tracy Young
Saturday (5/23) x 10-12pm Check-in  Tracy Sherrill 
Saturday (5/23) x 12-230pm Check-in  Bernadette Tardy
T-Shirt Sales   Time Duty Volunteer 
Saturday (5/23) x 6-8am T-shirt Sales Catherine Reber
Saturday (5/23) x 8-10am T-shirt Sales Will Eller
Saturday (5/23) x 10-12pm T-shirt Sales LeeAnn Sowel 
Saturday (5/23) x 12-230pm T-shirt Sales Candy Covington
Field Marshal Fields Time Duty Volunteer 
Saturday (5/23) 1,2 715-915am Field Marshal Sean Willgruber
Saturday (5/23) 3,4 715-915am Field Marshal Jill Justice
Saturday (5/23) 5,7 715-915am Field Marshal Kenny Moore
Saturday (5/23) 1,2 915-1115am Field Marshal Bailey Walton
Saturday (5/23) 3,4 915-1115am Field Marshal Brain Manley 
Saturday (5/23) 5,7 915-1115am Field Marshal Bob Scheidgger
Saturday (5/23) 1,2 1115-115pm Field Marshal John Carter
Saturday (5/23) 3,4 1115-115pm Field Marshal Zach Salchli
Saturday (5/23) 5,7 1115-115pm Field Marshal Felton Adams
Saturday (5/23) 1,2 115-315pm Field Marshal Tamara Ward
Saturday (5/23) 3,4 115-315pm Field Marshal Shawn Sales
Saturday (5/23) 5,7 115-315pm Field Marshal Donna Thomason
Saturday (5/23) 1,2 315-515pm Field Marshal Julie Key
Saturday (5/23) 3,4 315-515pm Field Marshal Craven Priest
Saturday (5/23) 5,7 315-515pm Field Marshal Saeid Saifizadeh
Sunday (5/24) 1,2 715-915am Field Marshal Martha Sales
Sunday (5/24) 3,4 715-915am Field Marshal Todd Moore
Sunday (5/24) 5,8 715-915am Field Marshal Larry Meador
Sunday (5/24) 1,2 915-1115am Field Marshal Craig Widener
Sunday (5/24) 3,4 915-1115am Field Marshal Kenny Moore
Sunday (5/24) 5,8 915-1115am Field Marshal Zach Salchli
Sunday (5/24) 1,2 1115-115pm Field Marshal Sean Willgruber
Sunday (5/24) 3,4 1115-115pm Field Marshal David Smith
Sunday (5/24) 5,8 1115-115pm Field Marshal Mike Buser
Sunday (5/24) 1,2 115-315pm Field Marshal Somsy Manivong
Sunday (5/24) 3,4 115-315pm Field Marshal Al Smith
Sunday (5/24) 5,8 115-315pm Field Marshal Amy Miller
Sunday (5/24) 1,2 315-515pm Field Marshal Shawn Justice
Sunday (5/24) 3,4 315-515pm Field Marshal Steve Bohnlein
Monday (5/25) 1,2 715-915am Field Marshal Christy Schuette
Monday (5/25) 3,4 715-915am Field Marshal Al Smith
Monday (5/25) 7,8 715-915am Field Marshal Larry Meador
Monday (5/25) 1,2 915-1115am Field Marshal Dave Cross
Monday (5/25) 3,4 915-1115am Field Marshal

Kenly Ames

Monday (5/25) 7,8 915-1115am Field Marshal Ron Demarse
Monday (5/25) 1,2 1115-115pm Field Marshal Cathy Heltsley
Monday (5/25) 3,4 1115-115pm Field Marshal Kirk Tisdale
Monday (5/25) 7,8 1115-115pm Field Marshal Ron Demarse
Monday (5/25) 1,2 115-315pm Field Marshal Mike Fenno
Monday (5/25) 3,4 115-315pm Field Marshal Kirk Tisdale
Monday (5/25) 7,8 115-315pm Field Marshal  
Monday (5/25) 1,2 315-515pm Field Marshal Lillian Groves
Monday (5/25) 3,7 315-515pm Field Marshal Deana Groves
Saturday (5/23) x 730-1030am Concessions Drew Walker
Saturday (5/23) x 730-1030am Concessions Kay Knoche
Saturday (5/23) x 730-1030am Concessions Jennifer Palmer
Saturday (5/23) x 730-1030am Grill Al Smith (9am)
Saturday (5/23) x 1015-115pm Concessions McKenzie Tisdale
Saturday (5/23) x 1015-115pm Concessions  
Saturday (5/23) x 1015-115pm Concessions Erica & Sydney 
Saturday (5/23) x 1015-115pm Grill Tim Jones
Saturday (5/23) x 1-4pm Concessions Penny Neal 
Saturday (5/23) x 1-4pm Concessions Catherine Holderfield
Saturday (5/23) x 1-4pm Concessions Azi Saifizadeh
Saturday (5/23) x 1-4pm Grill  
Sunday (5/24) x 730-1030am Concessions Sarah Widener
Sunday (5/24) x 730-1030am Concessions Emma Kate Widener
Sunday (5/24) x 730-1030am Concessions Gina Davis
Sunday (5/24) x 730-1030am Grill Chris Thompson
Sunday (5/24) x 1015-115pm Concessions Potter
Sunday (5/24) x 1015-115pm Concessions Potter
Sunday (5/24) x 1015-115pm Concessions Amy Buser 
Sunday (5/24) x 1015-115pm Grill Johnny
Sunday (5/24) x 1-4pm Concessions Johnny
Sunday (5/24) x 1-4pm Concessions Craig DeGroot
Sunday (5/24) x 1-4pm Concessions  
Sunday (5/24) x 1-4pm Grill  
Monday (5/25) x 730-1030am Concessions Johnny
Monday (5/25) x 730-1030am Concessions  
Monday (5/25) x 730-1030am Concessions  
Monday (5/25) x 730-1030am Grill  
Monday (5/25) x 1015-115pm Concessions Leah Ashwell
Monday (5/25) x 1015-115pm Concessions Johnny
Monday (5/25) x 1015-115pm Concessions  
Monday (5/25) x 1015-115pm Grill Al Kaelin 
Monday (5/25) x 1-4pm Concessions

BJ Campbell

Monday (5/25) x 1-4pm Concessions Johnny
Monday (5/25) x 1-4pm Concessions  
Monday (5/25) x 1-4pm Grill  

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3v3 Live Tournament


3v3 Live Soccer Tournament

with Finals at Disney!

June 6th @ Lovers Lane Soccer Complex

Brackets for Ages U6-Adult

​Visit 3v3Live.com to register & for more details.

by posted 05/13/2015

Summer Camp Registration and Information is up, so please check out the variety of camps we have for this summer!  More details can be found under the "Summer Camps 2015" tab.

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact the office!


If you are a recreational player and are interested in trying out for the Select program, please check out the 2015/2016 Tryouts tab to the left.  Please contact the office if you would like more information regarding the differences between recreational and select.  You do not have to commit to playing select at tryouts; but you do have to attend.  If you cannot make the dates, but still want to play, you need to let us know.


by posted 05/05/2015